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 Las Escuelas Públicas de Littleton están en el camino correcto. Joan quiere que siga avanzando.

Joan Anderseen para la Junta de Escuelas Públicas de Littleton

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Misión de Joan para LPS



With Joan’s strong background in Finance, Economics and Banking this is an area she hopes she can move LPS forward. This means finding other sources of revenue and working with the city to enhance affordable housing to allow younger families to move into the district.

Happy Kids with Books


The physical and mental well-being of students is Joan's top priority. Safety is a national concern and Joan wants to serve all 15,000 students in the LPS school system. Every child should feel safe when they come to school and never feel isolated. Safety comes in many forms and Joan will work to address many angles to make sure our children are safe, healthy, and happy.


Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment allows 9th-12th graders to take college level courses and receive college credit for these courses to transfer to any Colorado Public college or university.  This is not to replace AP – but an enhancement of the AP program.  Of the surrounding school districts, LPS is lowest in its offerings of these courses.  As Faculty at Arapahoe Community College Joan wants to work on moving more students into these types of classes.

Educar a todos los estudiantes para el futuro desafiando a cada individuo a aprender, lograr y actuar continuamente con propósito y compasión en un ambiente seguro y protegido.

- Misión de las Escuelas Públicas de Littleton



¡Conoce a Joan Anderssen!

School Supply


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School Bus & Children

Información electoral

Encuentre toda la información que necesita para estas próximas elecciones en noviembre de 2021.

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