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Endorsements of Joan Anderssen

Joan is a champion for public schools.  Her lifetime work in education gives her the experience required to advocate for our students, teachers, and district.  She has my full support and endorsement for the LPS Board of Education. 

– Chris Kolker,
Colorado State Senator 

I started working with Joan many years ago on the Veterans Advisory Council for Arapahoe Community College. She is a bright and enthusiastic educator that has a passion for student success. As faculty at Arapahoe Community College, she is a dedicated public servant and understanding of diverse student perspectives. She will be a great resource for the Littleton Public Schools Board of Education and I strongly endorse her candidacy. 

– David Ortiz,
Colorado State Representative

I have seen Joan's advocacy for good government for a couple of years now.  She is knowledgable, particularly when it comes to education and finance, and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for LPS Board of Education.

– PK Kaiser,
Arapahoe County Assessor

As a recipient of multiple awards for teaching with technology, a contributor to the Colorado Model Content Standards on Financial Literacy, and an educator who has taught throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Joan is uniquely prepared to understand the opportunities and challenges of today’s educational environment while serving on the LPS School Board.

– LEA,
Littleton Education Association 

Joan's experience as an educator who has taught through the pandemic, her awards as a teacher and for her use of technology, and her commitment to student success makes her a perfect fit for the Littleton Public School Board of Education. She has my full endorsement.

– Meg Froelich,
Colorado State Representative, District 3

Joan has proven herself as a strong advocate for a strong and healthy school system. She has the background to move Littleton Public Schools forward and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for the Board of Education.

– Susan Thorton, Former Littleton Mayor

I was a concurrent enrollment student at Arapahoe Community College during the pandemic and I was ever so lucky to be taught by Professor Anderssen. The first thing that struck me was how much Professor Anderssen leaned into technology. The integration of technology in her "remote" classroom was comprehensive, but more than that, it was seamless. This made for a highly effective learning environment that helped me conquer complex material and develop both my analytical and communication skills. I want to say that in addition, it was clear that Professor Anderssen is an effective early adopter. The degree and fashion in which she used technology in the classroom made it very clear to me that she was able to rapidly adapt to change. Professor Anderssen was ahead of the curve when it came to overcoming the challenges that arose from the pandemic. This shows that she is both savvy and proactive enough to make quick and effective transformations. Professor Anderssen's utilization of technologies to embrace change while significant on its own, roots from a much more significant ability to be dynamic on a systematic level.

– Tekola Cornetet,
Littleton High School Class of 2021,  current Finance Major at USC
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¡Mantenga a LPS avanzando!

Aquí hay algunas formas en que puede ayudar a Joan Anderssen a lograr su misión de mejorar el distrito al ser elegida para la Junta de Escuelas Públicas de Littleton.

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